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Category: AppFolio Tips

Uncleared Items on the Reconciliation Screen

Let’s talk about “Uncleared’ transactions in a reconciliation. This does not have to be a lengthy discussion. It’s just important to know that any uncleared deposits show the availability of funds that are potentially not there and could cause overpayments; thus overdrawing the bank account. Uncleared checks are important to monitor as well, but this…
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“Repeat” Feature Shortcut Hint

Are you using the “Repeat” feature in AppFolio? This is a shortcut that can help you streamline postings. This shortcut can be found in a couple of places. One place where it can be found is on the New Bill screen. It can also be found on the Journal Entry Details screen, And on the…
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Submit A Support Request: Get Appfolio’s Attention

There is a question looming in the property management community. “I’ve got questions, how do I get Appfolio’s attention?” A solution that has worked for some, is to be thoughtful about your subject line. If this is truly a time sensitive matter, then try adding the word URGENT in the subject line. It’s also important…
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Double dipping on Move-In lease fees & commissions

What does this mean to double dip on lease fees and management fee commissions at the time of a move-in? Let’s start with where the issue begins. The problem begins during the move-in process when the property page is set to charge a lease commission placement fee and a percentage of the rent for the…
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Life Cycle of a Property Manager

The life cycle of a Property Manager can start slow or it may start with a whirlwind of activity where everything is on a horizontal list of priorities. Accounting is recognized as needed but as in any industry, administrative tasks can typically fall to the end of that list. You’ll notice by the above image…
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New Financial Diagnostic Sections for Additional Fees

AppFolio has recently released a new feature that provides visibility into your properties’ additional fee balances. Two new sections have been added to the Financial Diagnostic page. The first section is for Negative Balances and the second section is for Positive Balances. Let’s take a peek and see what that looks like. This is a…
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Pre-Bank Switch ● To initiate a bank switch from AppFolio, navigate to Accounting. On the left side navigation menu, select Bank Accounts, and from the right side Tasks menu click on New Bank Account. ● If you are accepting online payments, the account must be enabled for online payments. You’ll want to have the following…
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RUBS is a Beautiful Thing

RUBS stands for Ration Utility Billing. It requires a support request from AppFolio customer service and requires users to have the correct permissions enabled to allow access. This is the same thing with something like the Financial Diagnostic Report (FDR). Without the correct permissions, you don’t even know that it is there. I’ve looked into…
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New w/ Appfolio 3/13/19

This is a game changer!! AppFolio news on 3/13/19: Exclude Other Receipt From Pay Management Fees Calculation We’ve heard that it is common to pay the management company an additional fee (late fee, app fee, etc), then later waive the fee or refund that money to the tenant. This requires a refund of the property…
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