Reimburse or Collect NSF Fees in AppFolio

December 13, 2022

Step 1: Collect current month's NSF fees

For uncollected NSF Fees from the tenants, you can collect those by running Pay Management Fees under Accounting > Payables. Be sure to run it as of "End of Last Month" and then as of "Today". Once you run that function and pay those bills, go to the Accounting > Diagnostics page.

Step 2: Positive Balances in Additional Fee GL Accounts

If you have remaining items under "Positive Balances in Additional Fee GL Accounts", then you will need to collect those funds by creating a payable to your management company, towards the property on the Diagnostics, and the same GL account and amount.

Step 3: Negative Balances in Additional Fee GL Accounts

Any items under "Negative Balances" are owed back to your owners. You can clear these up by entering Other Receipts under Accounting > Receivables. Be sure to check "Exclude from Pay Management Fee Calculation" > the remaining details are the same as the Diagnostics (property, amount, GL account, etc).

Step 4: Transfer funds in real life

You will need to transfer the funds from your corporate bank account back to your trust account and deposit the receipt once the transfer is made. Alternatively, if you are due to collect on NSF fees, you can make a transfer from your trust account to your corporate bank account.