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237 transactions catagorized237 transactions catagorizedA chart showing trust account transactions of a property management company.

What's Included

Accounts Receivable

We enter all receipts whether they're from an applicant, tenant, owner, vendor, housing authority, or even a vendor reimbursement and we enter the deposits too.

Accounts Payable

Before checks are ready to print or eCheck approvals are sent to your team, we verify that funds are available for all payments on all properties.

Daily Bank Reconciliations

Monthly bank reconciliations are tedious and can eat up valuable time. We guarantee reconciliations are done within 5 business days of your statement end date.

Move In/Out Accounting

Most problems stem from security deposits and transfers- such as when tenants pay security deposit and rent in one check or when a deposit isn’t transferred.

Owner Payments/Statements

Beginning and ending statement balance inconsistencies or odd clearing account transactions showing up are explained by our team of suppressed fee experts.

Vendor and Owner 1099s

Every single transaction that occurs throughout the year affects year end financials. We make sure 1099’s and other financial statements match owner expectations.

Daily Audits

Make sure you are audit proof. Every. Single. Day.

Get your Bank Reconciliations, Tenant Liabilities, and Portfolio Balances on a reviewed for compliance on a daily basis.

APM Help clients have passed their trust account audit.
3 days
Average time to resolve an audit request
A chart showing transactions and bank statements of a property management company.A popup of a daily audit being passed.
A chart showing bank balance statements of a property management company.
Daily Bank Recs

Always have your account balances match up.

Boost your confidence with daily bank reconciliations. Detect discrepancies, catch fraudulent activity, and streamline decision-making. Elevate your trust accounting compliance to the next level.


Got questions? We've got answers. Have even more questions? We are here to help.

How will I work with an entirely remote bookkeeping team?

You’ll be paired with an Account Manager as close to your timezone as possible. Our working business hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. We utilize Asana, a work management platform, to communicate with anyone with your team that would be a main point of contact. It helps with keeping track of items sent and ensures we have a searchable paper trail. Your Account Manager will have a dedicated team of bookkeepers to manage daily tasks and schedule screenshare meetings as needed.

What am I able to send over to my Account Manager?

If it relates to your property management bookkeeping, we want it, please! We will enter all your tenant receipts, bank deposits, invoices, work orders, signed leases, and more. We like to enter all things that relate to the movement of money on your properties. Through Asana (and your database), we leave confirmation of everything we touch so that you can easily reference it again.

How does my remote team know when I payout my owners?

During your pilot period, we work closely with you to ensure we match all your important payment dates and accounting cycles, so that your owners and vendors don’t know anything has changed.

How does my remote team verify payables and send them out?

We have an internal checklist that your Account Manager will review weekly prior to sending any payments for authorization. If you use paper checks printed in your office, we will finalize these and send to you or our main point of contact to print and mail. If you use online payables, we will verify all funds in your bank account before sending you (or your eCheck approver) the batch to review and approve. We have a dedicated eCheck approver from your team who will release the funds with a code before anyone gets paid, so you will always have the ability to reject this or do a final review.

Can I get help sending out my security deposits on time?

Sure! During your onboarding period, we will review what your security deposit turnaround time, as this varies by state. We will also determine what move out workflow will work best. You or our point of contact can create a task in Asana in regards to the move out or we can communicate in Asana when a security deposit due date approaching and double check with you that all your tenant charges have been received. We can also enter estimates on upcoming work if you haven’t yet received invoices.

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