Simplify Your Property Management Business with Our Corporate Bookkeeping Services.

As an extension of APM Help’s bookkeeping service, we’ll handle the expenses for your property owners to ensure that your company's income is accurately recorded.

Our team uses Quickbooks to keep track of your corporate finances, providing you with the insights you need to make informed decisions about your business. Trust us to keep your books in order and help your company grow.

Bookkeeping services for all transactions and accounting that deal with your trust account(s).

What is APM Help’s Corporate Bookkeeping?

Corporate Bookkeeping by APM Help is an extension of our trust account services, as the expenses for your property owners are income for your property management company. We use Quickbooks Online to keep an accurate record of your company financials.

Accounts Receivables/Payables

We’ll record all management fee income, as well as loan, credit card, office, and payroll expenses in Quickbooks.

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Bank Reconciliations

After cleaning up your corporate books, we provide ongoing support to ensure that your books remain clean and accurate through daily bank reconciliations.

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Corporate Reporting

We provide financial statements by the 15th of every following month, giving you the data you need to make informed decisions about your business. We can also generate budgets, EOY tax reporting, or any other reports you need.

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Client Reviews & Testimonials

Here’s what our clients are saying about APM Help’s rental property management

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I think I got really lucky with APM, the story that sold me on you guys is that you are a team of Ex-AppFolio people. It made you stand apart. With APM, not only do you get a bookkeeper who is competent, but an expert AppFolio property manager. It’s a very positive experience, and I don’t know that I would have had the same experience elsewhere. When you choose someone, make sure that they are competent in the software that you are using!

a person from apmhelp

Daniel Morgan

Marterra Property Management

APM Help knows more about AppFolio property management than AppFolio knows about AppFolio. We are still learning, but at least we know more than we did coming into it which will help us keep our books clean. Everything is where it’s supposed to be now, and it feels good knowing that moving forward. I feel comfortable with our books now, and we are getting better everyday!

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Danny Perrino

Majerle Management

We have been with APM since January 2019. I love being able to ask any questions regarding AppFolio property management and accounting. I get answers the same day. A lot of times APM goes above and beyond to help where ever they can. I save a lot of time having APM assist with owner payments, move outs and much more. It is also very reassuring knowing that my books are in order. We look forward to growing our business and relationship with APM.

a person from apmhelp
Jodi Williams

Steady Property Management

These folks are outstanding! They’ve done an amazing job helping to improve the efficiency of our operations. Highly knowledgable team and excellent follow-though. Highly recommend!

a person from apmhelp
Mario Ricciardelli

Roost Living

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