Simplify Your Property Management Business with our Corporate Bookkeeping Services

As an extension of APM Help’s bookkeeping service, we’ll handle the expenses for your property owners to ensure that your company's income is accurately recorded. Our team uses Quickbooks to keep track of your corporate finances, providing you with the insights you need to make informed decisions about your business. Trust us to keep your books in order and help your company grow.

A chart showing income statements of a property management company.

Accounts Receivables

Detailed booking of different management income streams.

Application fees

Cleaning fees

Late fees

and everything else you need

A chart showing transactions of a property management company.
A chart showing bank balance  statements of a property management company.

Bank Reconciliations

After cleaning up your corporate books, we provide ongoing support to ensure that your books remain clean and accurate through daily bank reconciliations.

Corporate Reporting

We provide financial statements by the 15th of every following month, giving you the data you need to make informed decisions about your business. We can also can create Management reporting for Cash Flow, EOY tax reporting, or any other reports you need.

Whether you're on the NARPM accounting standards or ours we can help you understand the financial performance of your business.

A chart showing income statements of a property management company.
A chart showing cash flow statements of a property management company.A UI graphic of receiving a reimbursement of $1567.00

Reimbursements & Costs of Goods Sold (COGS)

Properly book any maintenance and property related expenses.

Book and generate invoices on a per property level

Track with an AR aging report

Completed reimbursements are marked as paid


Got questions? We've got answers. Have even more questions? We are here to help.

What is the difference between Corporate bookkeeping and Trust Bookkeeping?

Corporate bookkeeping is any transactions that are recorded for overhead purposes. These are daily transactions to keep your business running. Examples: Payroll Expenses, Office Supplies, or Software purchases. Trust Bookkeeping is recording of any transactions that are property only specific.

What are Billables or Reimbursement?

These are any expenses your corporate bank or credit card covers on behalf of a property. These could be contractor expenses for repairs or supplies purchased for everyday maintenance.

What is the importance of having two separate sets of books for my PM company?

The main importance of keeping two separate books is to keep your PM company performing and Audit ready within your PM software. Having everything in one set of books could make it easy to intermingle property owner funds with Corporate funds which could cause you to pay fines if the property funds are used incorrectly.

Do I have to use the NARPM Chart of Accounts?

Using the NARPM chart of Accounts can be useful, but no, it is not necessary to use it. If you would like additional detailed Chart of Account the NARPM Chart does offer the abilities and we can assist in the Chart of Account conversion if you would like to have this changed in your QBO file.

What do you mean by Cash Basis Accounting and Accrual Basis Accounting?

There are two different forms of accounting methods that can be used to record your books. This is also the same method that you will use to file your tax return. Cash Basis is recording your books as the money enters or leaves your bank account versus Accrual Basis accounting is recording the income or expenses before the income is received or the expenses are left in the bank account.

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