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Here's what clients have said about APM Help.

Working with APM has been fabulous. It makes our business stay in compliance and that is invaluable to this business. The communication is great, they are on top of it and easy to work with. I would recommend them to anyone, any day!

Vanessa Burtle

APM Help has transformed how we do business. They take all the headache out of all things accounting-related. I could not be happier with their service and will be sure to refer them to anyone looking to take their business to the next level. Our representative at APM Help has worked so well with us and has been such a valuable asset to our team. I can not stress enough how great they have been.

Pierce Fryga

APM is an absolute life saver! Their onboarding process was hassle free and the communication after onboarding stays constant. I’ve had the rare opportunity to meet the team in Texas and as a whole they showed appreciation for us and we’re a great group. Our representative was the assigned PM and she was VERY knowledgeable about local guidelines and her team were just as amazing as she was. VERY happy with APM and I would strongly recommend!

David Solano

Our representative is world-class at cleaning up Buildium trust accounting. Highly recommended.

I also love the daily bank reconciliations their team handles for us at RL Property Management. I sleep better knowing that pros are handling our books!

Peter Lohmann

RL Property Management

APM has played a huge role in our company, especially regarding growth. They are experts in dealing with Appfolio and bookkeeping. We couldn't be where we are today without all their help. APM has always gone above and beyond and really understands our business.

Steady PM

If you're a property manager, you cannot do business without APM Help. Our representative has been so invaluable to me and has made this crazy business doable. Having an entity keep track of all incoming and outgoing expenses, prepping 1099s, you name it, they've already got it taken care of. Thank you all for your kindness and your professionalism. Would not do it without you!

Nancy Avedisian

APM has been a huge help with improving the day to day operations of our business! Their team is knowledgeable and quick to give thorough advice while educating us in the process. The whole team is extremely helpful and it has been a very pleasant experience working with them.

Ryan S

Awesome is the best word to describe APM Help!! Our representative is always helpful and polite and ready to help with whatever Bookkeeping needs that arise. Adding APM Help has allowed us to spend more time focused on growing our Business, and it has provided the comfort that we needed knowing that our Bookkeeping is taken care of efficiently and properly. I would highly recommend this company!

Kristin Armel

APM has been such a blessing! I have struggled a lot with finding someone that understands the software we use (appfolio) and APM has done everything we needed. I love working with Hamda and she is very thorough and efficent. APM has taken so much stress off of us. Thank you APM for doing such an AWESOME JOB!

Chrissi Jasso

The CBK Service team is amazing! They are there everyday with helpful reminders, promptly answering my questions besides being friendly and professional. Moving my bookkeeping to APM was the best change I've made for my business.

Marna McGonegal

We've been using APM Help both for accounting and maintenance coordination for several months now. They have far exceeded our expectations and continue to take on more tasks to help us grow. Of all the third party vendors we work with, APM provides the most value for our business. Definitely recommend giving them a try.

Ryan Baessler

Oh my gawd. I can’t say enough good things.

We would be on our way out of property management as opposed to on our way up without APM. The entire organization is amazing and impressive. We are using rent manager and their accounting services, but can’t wait to expand into maintenance coordination.

If you’re a property manager use this company, and then focus on what you’re (most likely) good at -> go get doors.

Alexes Hushlak

APM Help was recommended to our company by Seacoast Bank and we have not regretted it since day 1. APM Help is a very professional company who are patient, knowledgeable, professional and efficient. We have been very pleased with their services in reconciling our accounting records and will always appreciate their value and worth. Thank you APM Help!!

EXIT Central Property Management

By far the most valuable decision that I made as a business owner was to employ the help of APM Help. I feel like I have never had to worry since the very beginning and I almost chose another company but was told to look around just before I signed the contract. So very glad that I shopped around a bit more, the other company gave me bad vibes and took a long time to provide responses. Sincerely grateful to my onboarding team and our representative for making our business flow smoothly. APM Help is the best company out there!

Jade Everett

I’m thoroughly impressed with the APM Help team. They are very quick to respond and troubleshoot any issues I have. I highly recommend them as a property manager who handles lots of properties. They eliminate all my accounting headaches and I’m grateful for their dedication to my satisfaction as a client. Keep being amazing and thank you APM Help team!

Jon Beaman

The APM team quickly jumped in on our project and started putting best practices in place for our company. All along the way, they kept us informed, asked clarifying questions, and communicated fully to us. My accounts are now what I would call “audit proof.” Having the APM system perform daily audit checks (their Triple Tied Out report) along with the APM team performing the monthly Trust Account Reconciliations (monthly trust account reconciliations are required by our State Real Estate Commission) is something that we make sure our owners know about and gives them, along with potential new clients, and added layer of confidence in our company.

Robert Dell’Osso

Master Key Property Management

These guys & gals really know their stuff! Looking forward to doing more business in the future!

Mike Brock

Brock Properties Inc

We have been with APM since January 2019.  I love being able to ask any questions regarding AppFolio property management and accounting. I get answers the same day.  A lot of times APM goes above and beyond to help where ever they can.  I save a lot of time having APM assist with owner payments, move outs and much more.   It is also very reassuring knowing that my books are in order.  We look forward to growing our business and relationship with APM.

Jodi Williams

Steady Property Management

These folks are outstanding! They’ve done an amazing job helping to improve the efficiency of our operations. Highly knowledgable team and excellent follow-though. Highly recommend!

Mario Ricciardelli

Roost Living

I have been working with APM for a year now, and  I am so grateful that I found them, they have always acted quickly when I turn in a request, which is extremely important to me.  I use Appfolio and their response time is not good, so it was very important to me that I find a company that responds quickly and also knows what they are doing.  I use APM Help to help me with situations with Appfolio property management that I can not figure out. I would highly recommend APM Help to anyone that needs a knowledgeable company with a fantastic response time.

Kelly Dyer

High Country Property Management, LLC

APM Help knows more about AppFolio property management than AppFolio knows about AppFolio. We are still learning, but at least we know more than we did coming into it which will help us keep our books clean. Everything is where it’s supposed to be now, and it feels good knowing that moving forward. I feel comfortable with our books now, and we are getting better everyday!

Danny Perrino

Majerle Management

The staff at APM Help keeps us on track daily and our trust accounting is spot-on. Their service removes the worry and stress of being in compliance. They are great for solving problems, small and not-so-small. I highly recommend APM Help!

Cindy Morgan

Morgan Property Management

They are great. It is like having a full time bookkeeper on staff. Best of all, they keep me in a constant state of audit readiness. Great peace of mind.

Brad Butler

Timberline Property Management

APM Help was referred to me to clean up my messed up Buildium books spanning years after trial and error with many companies who claimed they knew or could figure out Buildium. From the start, our representative demonstrated not only their proficiency with bookkeeping, but their sorcery-like expertise with Buildium! Their ability to dive right in and learn our business with just a short consult is nothing short of amazing. Our representative is able to masterfully create solutions to complex accounting errors that have plagued my books and turn them into accurate financial records. They are like watching magicians cast accuracy spells upon my Buildium books! 10/10 stars!

Chris Frank

Pointer Ridge Investments

I think I got really lucky with APM, the story that sold me on you guys is that you are a team of Ex-AppFolio people. It made you stand apart. With APM, not only do you get a bookkeeper who is competent, but an expert AppFolio property manager. It’s a very positive experience, and I don’t know that I would have had the same experience elsewhere. When you choose someone, make sure that they are competent in the software that you are using!

Daniel Morgan

Marterra Property Management

If you are going to trust a third party or are thinking about it, APM Help is the way to go. Especially because they are property management focused, and they know how to help us grow. I would be happy to recommend APM Help to anyone. I’ve told people that if they don’t end up using APM Help then it would probably be the biggest mistake of their career.
I never thought I could get my books under control, and now, thanks to APM Help, it’s buttoned up, I can finally sleep at night, and I could not be more grateful.

Allison Regets

AM Realty