Keep Bookkeeping Simple

How can you keep bookkeeping simple when you may not know how to do bookkeeping? Simply just take the time and do it. Avoid the rabbit holes. Part of the human condition is allowing conflict instead of keeping things simple so that we can stay focused enough to get things accomplished.

While collaborating there is an added dimension to this and all sides of the collaborative dimension need to contribute to keeping it simple. That doesn’t often happen because one side will get busy or run into a complication that causes them to get distracted and thus there is the domino effect.

Bookkeeping is not rocket science

Bookkeeping is not rocket science but does require consistent attention by a knowledgeable professional. Recognize the challenge and embrace the fact that you are human.

It is important that you find a solution to the bookkeeping challenge that will work with your busy lifestyle and that will compliment your work ethics. Are you a hard worker? Find a hardworking accounting profession. Is your strength in Property Management?

Find an accounting profession whose strength is in accounting. However, the solution is not just in finding an accounting professional.

Bookkeepers do not have a crystal ball

What?! We can’t ensure quality bookkeeping by finding a bookkeeping professional? That doesn’t make sense! It is part of m life’s journey to explain that this is where the major disconnect between client and bookkeeper is represented.

Try as we may, a bookkeeper is not a fortune teller and we do not have a magic crystal ball. Our bookkeeping efforts will fail if we do not get the data needed to complete our bookkeeping tasks. We cannot keep Bookkeeping simple without effective collaboration with our client.

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