Additional Fee Diagnostics in AppFolio

AppFolio's financial diagnostics page provides visibility into your properties’ additional fee balances. The first section is for Negative Balances, and the second section is for Positive Balances. Let’s take a peek and see what they look like.

You may have noticed that the vocabulary for these items fluctuates between the term "suppressed fees" and "additional fees". Additional fees will appear on your diagnostics section if they are listed on the property page as a 100% suppressed GL account, otherwise known as suppressed fees.

Issues that you may be experiencing:

  • Old suppressed fee issues that are on a hidden property.

  • Current and last month’s additional fees shown right away in this report.

  • Resolving the suppressed fee issues that can be caused by -- zero dollar receipts, suppressed fee charges paid with prepaid rent, additional fees that have been refunded to the tenant but already paid out to the property manager, suppressed additional fees causing an imbalance on the owner statement because they were not posted within two months of being incurred.

Important Note

The "Pay Management Fees" feature will only post additional fees incurred within the last or current month. After that timeframe, if the fees were not posted through the management fee function, the bills to collect them will have to be created manually.


You are not alone. There are many property managers in the community experiencing the same frustration with understanding additional fees and how suppression from the Owner statement works.

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