Are you struggling to complete your bank reconciliations?

Complete your bank reconciliations swiftly and efficiently, beginning with the crucial and challenging first month and seamlessly extending to all subsequent months.

Our team of experts will get you caught up-to-date quickly and in balance

Get your bank statements carefully reviewed to make sure that every transaction has been accurately recorded in your software.

Accuracy of Financial Records: Identify and rectify any discrepancies, missing entries, or errors in recording financial transactions, for precise and reliable financial information.

Timely Decision-Making: Timely and accurate financial information is crucial for making informed decisions about budgeting, cash flow management, and other financial aspects of property management.

Compliance and Transparency: Up-to-date financial records build trust with property owners, tenants, and regulatory authorities, demonstrating a commitment to financial integrity and accountability.

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Our Process

How our consulting projects work.


Complimentary consultation to review your database with a software expert.


Introductory call with your dedicated software consultant.

Clean Up

Our experts begin making corrections in your database.

Check In

Review and discuss corrections with your consultant.

All Done

Debrief call and final tour of your freshly cleaned books.

Stay Clean

You are now eligible for our recurring bookkeeping and consulting services!


Got questions? We've got answers. Have even more questions? We are here to help.

What is the expected form of communication between the consultant and client during the clean up process?

We are happy to accommodate your preferred contact method as much as possible. We prefer to communicate via Google Meet so that we can share our screen with you to help explain things we are seeing, as well as record the call to share with you afterwards for your records. However, we can communicate via email, calls, or text as well.

What documents are required to clean up my books?

For a standard clean up we would need bank statements, or ideally view only bank access so we can help with any missing transactions. Check images, deposit images/breakdowns also help with recording transactions in your software. We could end up needing more depending on the issues we uncover, but these items will get our team going on the clean up process.

How often are we expected to make ourselves available to our consultant?

The more available the designated team member(s) are, the quicker we can complete your clean up and get you moved over to our recurring services to help maintain your books. The longer it takes, the more expensive your clean up gets, so we try to move things along as quickly as possible to avoid this.

What are the Property Management Company’s expectations during a clean up?

Our team of experts requires that you provide at least one point of contact that has a history with the accounting in your database, which includes but is not limited to: move outs, move ins, transaction history in the bank account, and any deposits or checks that have not yet been reconciled.

How long does it take to get my books cleaned up?

On average a clean up will take anywhere between 2-4 weeks but is completely dependent on the scope of work and the clients ability to provide answers to the consultants questions in a timely manner.

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