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Future of the Rental Property Management Industry and PropTechFuture of the Rental Property Management Industry and PropTech

The future of the rental property management industry is going to see exponential dependence on technology and SaaS (software as a service) because this will be the most efficient and secure way to do business

Keep Bookkeeping SimpleKeep Bookkeeping Simple

How can you keep bookkeeping simple when you may not know how to do bookkeeping? Simply just take the time and do it. Avoid the rabbit holes. Part of the human condition is allowing conflict instead of keeping things simple so that we can stay focused enough to get things accomplished. While collaborating there is…

Accounting for a Tenant’s Bad Debt in AppFolioAccounting for a Tenant’s Bad Debt in AppFolio

A tenant has moved out leaving a $400 balance of bad debt on their tenant ledger. The property manager feels that she will never see payment for the $400 balance. She is not sure what to do with a tenant’s bad debt.

Non-Sufficient Funds Payments from TenantsNon-Sufficient Funds Payments from Tenants

Here’s a scenario in which the Tenant has bounced payments more than once and you no longer want to allow this to continue. What are the Property Manager’s options? To start, it is important to consider that most property managers prefer that payments are made electronically. This saves time and virtually eliminates the possibility of…

All Money Received from a Tenant is IncomeAll Money Received from a Tenant is Income

A major source of confusion in the Property Management World is when there is a need to post charges to a Tenant Ledger. Any money received from a tenant is income and should be coded to an income GL account. For the purpose of this discussion, we will use the example of a duplex at…

Cash Vs. AccrualCash Vs. Accrual

What is Cash Accounting versus Accrual Accounting? Accrual basis accounting is when revenue and expenses are recorded at the time they are “earned”, regardless of when the money was actually received or paid. Cash basis accounting is when revenue and expenses are recognized at the time they are received or paid. These accounting practices are…