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How can we help you succeed as a Property Manager?

We provide expert bookkeeping and maintenance coordination support across Appfolio, Buildium, Propertyware, rent manager, Rentivine and quickbooks. We pride ourselves on helping PM’s achieve their full potential. Let’s chat!! Cheers.

Client Testimonials

Working with APM has been fabulous. It makes our business stay in compliance and that is invaluable to this business. The communication is great, they are on top of it and easy to work with. I would recommend them to anyone, any day!

Vanessa Burtle

The CBK Service team is amazing! They are there everyday with helpful reminders, promptly answering my questions besides being friendly and professional. Moving my bookkeeping to APM was the best change I've made for my business.

Marna McGonegal

Our representative is world-class at cleaning up Buildium trust accounting. Highly recommended.

I also love the daily bank reconciliations their team handles for us at RL Property Management. I sleep better knowing that pros are handling our books!

Peter Lohmann

RL Property Management

These folks are outstanding! They’ve done an amazing job helping to improve the efficiency of our operations. Highly knowledgable team and excellent follow-though. Highly recommend!

Mario Ricciardelli

Roost Living

They are great. It is like having a full time bookkeeper on staff. Best of all, they keep me in a constant state of audit readiness. Great peace of mind.

Brad Butler

Timberline Property Management

APM Help was recommended to our company by Seacoast Bank and we have not regretted it since day 1. APM Help is a very professional company who are patient, knowledgeable, professional and efficient. We have been very pleased with their services in reconciling our accounting records and will always appreciate their value and worth. Thank you APM Help!!

EXIT Central Property Management

Awesome is the best word to describe APM Help!! Our representative is always helpful and polite and ready to help with whatever Bookkeeping needs that arise. Adding APM Help has allowed us to spend more time focused on growing our Business, and it has provided the comfort that we needed knowing that our Bookkeeping is taken care of efficiently and properly. I would highly recommend this company!

Kristin Armel

APM Help was referred to me to clean up my messed up Buildium books spanning years after trial and error with many companies who claimed they knew or could figure out Buildium. From the start, our representative demonstrated not only their proficiency with bookkeeping, but their sorcery-like expertise with Buildium! Their ability to dive right in and learn our business with just a short consult is nothing short of amazing. Our representative is able to masterfully create solutions to complex accounting errors that have plagued my books and turn them into accurate financial records. They are like watching magicians cast accuracy spells upon my Buildium books! 10/10 stars!

Chris Frank

Pointer Ridge Investments

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