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Stop waiting for someone to email you back. Get answers specific to your business that get to the root of the problem.

See what working with a true expert is like.


Our typical response time is under 15 minutes but our hold music is nice too. But seriously, we fix problems fast.


Day-in-the-life of an AppFolio property manager training in 1 hour or re-starting AppFolio with a clean slate.


Bank reconciliations, adjusted cash imbalances, and financial diagnostic issues are our specialty with most taking no more than 8 minutes to diagnose and fix.


Negative property balances are considered commingling of funds. Don’t wait until the auditor shows up! We’ve helped companies fix and then pass their audits.

Our first 30 minutes are always FREE!

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some of our consulting clients say:

Kelly Dyer

High Country Property Management, LLC

Rayne has been a breath of fresh air. She has been the one that I have been working with the most and her response time is amazing. She takes care of my issue and also walks me through the process, so I know how to take care of the problem the next time it happens.

Robert Dell’Osso

Master Key PM

APM Help also does regular customer support if you need something above and beyond what you can get from AppFolio Customer Support. Their response times are extremely fast (typically same day) and they include very detailed and easy to understand responses to your issue(s). For what we pay, the cost benefit is incredible. They are what I would call both our independent auditors and our on-call Subject Matter Experts. I would 100% say that APM help is considered an essential part of our operations.

Andrew Gilburne

Portland Homes & Commercial Properties

Taylor and his team at APM are exceptional. It does not matter the complexity. They quickly grasp the issues, provide prompt, intelligible answers, and will help implement solutions if needed. An indispensible resource.