Client Spotlight: Daniel with Marterra

This week we are going to take a break from accounting topics to spotlight one of our clients - Daniel M! He is a bookkeeping client, with Marterra Properties, that has some good advice for industry professionals and those of you who are interested in APM Help. In this client spotlight, we'll learn more about his path to success in the Property Management industry.

The Ice Breakers

APM: What first brought you to APM Help?

Daniel: I first found out of APM Help through the comments section in the AppFolio User Group on Facebook. I was looking for help with a couple projects, so I reached out to Taylor and got a consult scheduled!

APM: Did you feel like your clean up process went smoothly?

Daniel: Our books were pretty clean, and so we had a minor clean up and then we went straight to bookkeeping. We have been bookkeeping clients for about 8 months now.

The Results

APM: What is the best thing that has happened for you since going live with bookkeeping?

Daniel: Rachel is the best thing that has happened to me so far, and the Daily Triple Tied Out. It has helped me stay on top of our books and keep things clean. We have also gone through some significant budgeting changes, CAM charges, CAM reconciliations - APM Help has really helped me navigate through the commercial component. If I try to do these things myself, it will take 6 hours, and between Rachel and Marie they pretty much know how to do everything and are very competent!

APM: What is the best thing that has happened for your company since going live with APM Help Bookkeeping?

Daniel: We are super lean and helps maintain pretty good margins and helps us grow. We aren’t afraid to take on really large projects anymore, like taking on large commercial properties and multifamily properties. Because of APM, we have a more robust team that specializes in different things, and for the cost of a full time mediocre bookkeeper, I get a full team of AppFolio experts. We have doubled our unit count since going live, and we are profitable! I want as few doors as possible with as much money as possible - doors don’t matter, margins do. It's not just about margin on units, it’s about margins on time. Go the extra level and get the accounting off your back!

The Finale

APM: What is the best experience you have had with APM Help so far?

Daniel: It’s happening right now - Rachel and Marie. They are the center for what we are doing right now - really complicated leases and budgets. I don’t know if we would have been able to get it all done with the other things we are doing. It’s amazing to be able to hand over a complicated bookkeeping assignment and not worry about getting it done on time. One night at 8 P.M., I wrote a note on a Google Spreadsheet and had to tell Rachel to stop working because I could see her making was Saturday!

APM: Any advice you would give to people who are hesitant to trust a third party with their books?

Daniel: I think I got really lucky with APM, the story that sold me on you guys is that you are a team of Ex-AppFolio people. It made you stand apart. With APM, not only do you get a bookkeeper who is competent, but an AppFolio expert. It’s a very positive experience, and I don’t know that I would have had the same experience elsewhere. When you choose someone, make sure that they are competent in the software that you are using!

APM: If you could describe your experience with us in one word, what would it be?

Daniel: Oh, man…a lot of words don’t seem sufficient. Relieving. No more headaches!

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