How do I invoice multiple CAM charges on once invoice?

December 9, 2021

AppFolio user question:

Is there a way to send one invoice with multiple CAM charges? Since we joined, Appfolio said they were going to create this and I still do not believe it is done. We currently send them a Statement of the charges, but it creates much more work.

APM Help answer:

- With the CAM Reconciliation feature, no, all of the charges and credits will be towards the Income GL account set for the GL Account Group
.- In regard to bills to vendors, you should be able to have multiple lines for CAM Expenses and the system should pull those totals and allocate the amounts to each tenant based on their percentage allocation settings. If you don't see the expenses showing when you go to reconcile CAM, then be sure that you've used the correct expense GL on the bill and that the GL is a part of a GL group.