Maintenance Coordination & After Hours Emergency Call Center

Need help with work orders from start to finish? Our team has your back! We will evaluate the legitimacy of each maintenance request, research the best course of action, troubleshoot with tenants, and assign and dispatch vendors from your preferred list.

We’ll also handle all communication, updates, and approvals from owners, tenants, and vendors. All of this will be recorded within your database for full transparency throughout the entire process.

Bookkeeping services for all transactions and accounting that deal with your trust account(s).

Let us take the worry and the day-to-day coordination off of your plate.

Your fully remote team of maintenance specialists will assist you with all of your maintenance needs. Our teams will manage the workflow from start to finish, providing your company with the freedom to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

We offer multiple service packages to fit your business needs. Each package level can be altered to accommodate the services that are best suited for your maintenance department.

Full Service Maintenance coordination

We will handle the coordination of each work order received from beginning to completion. We will evaluate the legitimacy of the maintenance concern, perform work order research to determine the best course of action, troubleshoot with tenants to avoid unnecessary service visits, assign and dispatch a vendor if deemed necessary from your preferred vendor group, and assist with communications, updates, and approvals from owners, tenants, and vendors. We will handle all coordination through your company database for full transpancy throughout the process.

After Hours Emergency Maintenance Call Center and Coordination

Our after hours maintenance team will handle all of your maintenance department calls and incoming requests received after your normal business hours have concluded. Our fully trained specialists will troubleshoot with tenants over the phone and create and dispatch work orders through your company database. We will adhere to your company’s guidelines regarding emergency dispatch qualifications, and will ensure each emergency is handled with top priority and the highest sense of urgency.

Home Warranty Coordination

Home warranty processes can be very time consuming and frustrating. Our team is equipped to handle all home warranty claims from beginning to end. Our specialist will file claims, assist with appointment scheduling between the assigned vendor and tenant, handle all coordination regarding approvals and ensure work order completion within a timely manner.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

After repair completion has been confirmed. We will send a customer satisfaction survey to your tenants to ensure they have received outstanding customer service from our team and vendor, providing you with the reassurance that our Maintenance Coordination team is exceeding your expectations.

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