Client Spotlight: Chrysztyna Rowek

Chrysztyna Rowek explains how APM Help aligns with the goals of her company, how they are part of her power partner group, and how or better yet why APM Help empowers successful business.

Chrysztyna Rowek is the Owner/Designated Managing Broker of Lighthouse Cove Property Management. She’s been in the business as a Broker Owner since July of 2007 with a focus on single-family residential as well as multi-family housing.Chrysztyna tells us that her company's key motto and mission statement was from the beginning that “Everybody needs a place to live.” She wants everyone to have a safe place to live no matter the cost as well as to be able to offer the same services no matter what the income level of the tenant.I asked her what she sees as key elements in running a successful property management business as well as what she sees as trends in the industry. She replied, “You should be able to automate 80% of your business and you should be able to get through with as little personal touching as possible giving you the opportunity to focus on the 20% which is your communications which is your actual personal touch with your clients.” Chrysztyna further elaborates that, “People are so caught up with their broken systems that they’re spending so much of their time doing those types of things and that their personal contact with their clients is falling by the wayside.”The trends as she has seen them were people pulling away from the personal relationship with customers with call centers, VOIP Systems, etc. Now she sees the property management industry circling back to a live person answering the phone and a case manager for each owner. She told me that she found as the more technology is incorporated, the less personal it felt and that we are still in a business that deals with people. She reiterates, “we need that personal touch”. APM Help Finds the Money!

Lighthouse Cove is comfortable with the AppFolio system and they have an accounting manager that is well versed in AppFolio in the sense that others will come to her for training. However, they had an issue that came about during a new purchase and they needed assistance to find money that wasn’t easily identified on the books and to sort it out. That’s where APM Help was needed and was thus enlisted to assist with consulting as well as some initial cleanup.What About AppFolio? Were they able to help?When Chrysztyna was asked if AppFolio was able to help, she responded, "she often tried with AppFolio to resolve the issue"; they were like “what”, “huh?” She continued to tell me, “It's funny because I’ve spoken with people from AppFolio. The things that we need them to do they can do but they don’t want to do.” She states that AppFolio was not helpful for the things that they needed.Why Choose APM? -- APM as a Power Partner

When Chrysztyna was asked why she chose APM Help, she replied, “First of all, at the time they (APM) were the only people working in AppFolio as heavily and as focused as they were.” Then she goes on to offer her amazing explanation of what a power partner looks like.The How and Why of Using a Power Partner like APM HelpHere’s her viewpoint on the power partners that she chooses to do business with. “If I believe in you and I buy into your company culture and I buy into your why not only will I use you but I will be your biggest cheerleader. I will refer you to everybody that I know because for me the why is sometimes more important than the how. Because with the how you can figure it out. If you don’t have a why then the how doesn’t always matter.”More on APM's Why“It was abundantly clear when meeting anyone from APM Help that they are there because they really are wanting to help.” She believes that APM Help cares about the frustration in property managers lives when it comes to accounting, developing systems, Appfolio, Propertyware, etc. "APM Help is there for those not able to figure out the intricacies of the number one thing that we deal with every day and that is the money." Then Chrysztyna wraps it up by saying, “and having that 'why', having that explained, and having it embodied by everybody that works there; the how comes along naturally. You can fix things along the way, you can train, you can evolve, you can build training platforms as long as you know why you’re doing it."An Amazing Resource!I didn’t really feel the need to ask at this point but I went ahead and asked, “How confident are you with APM Help & Bookkeeping? Her response, “I’m super confident. I know that whatever I need if it has to do with the books that I have this amazing resource and that is a great feeling as a business owner and a property manager to know that I’m not stuck and I will never be desperate. There’s no worse feeling than to feel desperate because you don’t know how to fix a problem or you don’t know who to reach out to.EmpowermentWhen you have people in your professional tribe that can help you with whatever it is that you need that’s an amazing feeling and it helps you feel empowered as a business owner and able to move on to do the things that you need to do so that the rest of the parts of your business can be successful.” When Chrysztyna was asked if she would recommend APM Help, her response was “Absolutely, a resounding yes.”

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