How to Build a Real Estate Empire Without Getting Buried in Paperwork

Forget fancy suits and Wall Street deals, Christian Osgood plays a different game – he's a property-preneur building an empire, brick by brick, deal by deal. From duplexes to development deals, he's got five companies spinning like plates on a unicycle. But even the coolest circus act needs a break from juggling, and Christian's kryptonite came in the form of paperwork. Invoices piled up like confetti, emails buzzed like angry hornets, and the to-do list grew faster than kudzu on a humid day. That's where APM Help entered the ring, ready to transform this juggling act into a growth engine for the ages. So grab your popcorn, because we're about to see how a little help from the right partner can take ambition from zero to hero, without any capes or spandex required.

Creative Beginnings

Christians real estate empire started with a simple idea, buying a duplex. That simple purchase was the culmination of a second job, and quite a bit of hustle. Once the first duplex was in hand a second was just over the horizon, but now that Christian’s wallet was tapped he needed to find a different solution to grow further. This is where Christian made a creative financing decision and bought his next property with seller financing.

Christian and his business partner Cody landed a 38 plex with seller financing and quickly started bringing on equity partners for even further growth. Over the course of the next few years he grew his portfolio to over 200 SRF units and 200 additional multifamily units that will soon hit the 300 mark, an impressive feat for sure, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Doing it All the Right Way

Christian, ever the entrepreneur, was not only focused on amassing a wealth of real estate holdings, but also on thriving in the surrounding industries of property management, real estate investment education, hospitality, and real estate sales. If you think the life of a PM is busy, add in four other fully operational companies and let's talk free time. 

In the early days, Christian learned the hard way that not everyone shared his fire. He witnessed firsthand the lackadaisical attitude of many third-party property managers, clocking out at five and letting problems simmer. So, he built his own PM firm, fueled by an "owner's mindset" that kept his properties pristine and profitable.

“I found a lot of companies in my market are actually horrendous at handling money…” and “sometimes properties aren't even bank financible because they cannot put together usable books.”

The Bottleneck of Accounting

As the business grew Christian found that his expertise made his company easily the best PM in his market in terms of service, but the accounting was the only thing lacking. Being the innovator and driver of his company meant that the day to day accounting was originally handed off to one of his partners. Shortly after he recognized that a lack of bookkeeping experience and technological know-how was severely hindering their growth. 

Christian bought out his partner and recognized his lack of bandwidth for accounting meant he had to find a solution fast. 

APM Help became his professional solution that has kept his books clean and audit ready since. Christian found that the experts at APM Help not only were able to keep him clean, but as he opened up his own third party portfolio to management, they were able to answer questions in 30 seconds that would have taken him 20 min to research.

Focusing on What Matters

Now APM Help saves Christian an average of 20 hours per month easily, and has provided a level of accounting services that keeps him worrying about the important aspects of his role as CEO to 5 separate companies. 

“I'm only working on tasks that actually need my input instead of figuring out things that are not my specialty which lets me run four other completely separate companies.” -Christian Osgood
The Right Partner Makes All the Difference

Christian's story is a testament to the power of ambition, creative financing, and finding the right partner. He didn't just build an empire; he built a symphony of success, each company playing its part, harmonized by the efficiency and expertise of APM Help. APM Help wasn't just saving time; it was fueling Christian's next big deal, his next bold vision.

This isn't the end of the story, it's just the beginning of the next chapter. With APM Help by his side, Christian's empire is poised to reach even greater heights, proving that sometimes, the greatest success comes from letting go and letting the right experts handle the rest.

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