How One Team Realty Got The Most Out Of AppFolio With APM Help

Efficient operations, seamless communication, and exceptional customer service are the cornerstones of success for thriving property managers. Yet, even with advanced software solutions like AppFolio, challenges can arise that hinder growth and excellence. This case study sheds light on how Darren Holbrook, the driving force behind One Team Realty, turned to APM Help to conquer software limitations, optimize operations, and transform his property management business into a beacon of exceptional customer service.

Initial Challenges: Overcoming Software Limitations with APM Help

Within property management, software solutions assume a central role in refining operations, amplifying communication, and guaranteeing the smooth and effective oversight of rental properties. One such software solution, AppFolio, boasts an extensive user base with over 19,000 customers managing more than 7 million rental units collectively. However, even with its widespread usage, limitations within the software can still pose significant challenges for property management companies.

One property management professional who experienced these challenges firsthand is Darren Holbrook. Managing a portfolio of around 60 doors, Darren's property management company, One Team Realty, found itself grappling with a major issue that AppFolio couldn't solve. The issue revolved around a critical aspect: payment processing.

“I use AppFolio, and I was having a major issue that AppFolio could not solve… I think it was a payment issue…” - Darren Holbrook

For a property management business, the ability to process payments seamlessly is fundamental. Yet, when One Team Realty needed them the most, AppFolio was nowhere to be found. This limitation threatened to disrupt his company's cash flow and undermine his relationship with both tenants and property owners. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Darren sought assistance and answers.

The Quest for Solutions: A Beacon in the Form of APM Help

In his pursuit of a solution, Darren took to various platforms, including a Facebook group, to seek guidance and insights from fellow property management professionals. This is when he encountered a beacon of hope in the form of APM Help. One of APM Help’s expert team members reached out to Darren after he posted about his payment processing predicament. This initial interaction marked the beginning of a transformative partnership that would revolutionize the way Darren's property management business operated.

A 45-minute to an hour-long call with APM Help proved to be more than just a problem-solving session; it was a revelation. The issue that had caused frustration and uncertainty was addressed, resolved, and put to rest. More importantly, this interaction opened Darren's eyes to the broader suite of services that APM Help offered.

From Problem-Solving to Business-Transforming Partnership

The experience with APM Help went beyond troubleshooting; it offered Darren a glimpse into a world of dedicated, tailored solutions designed to enhance every facet of his property management business. The seamless resolution of the payment issue piqued Darren's interest in APM Help's comprehensive suite of services. As he researched further, he discovered that APM Help was more than just a quick fix; it was a partner that could address his ongoing challenges and propel his business forward.

The realization that APM Help provided full-time services that could take over his trust account bookkeeping and corporate bookkeeping was a turning point for Darren. The prospect of having a dedicated team to rely on, consistent support, and streamlined processes was a compelling proposition. It was an opportunity for Darren to free himself from the shackles of administrative tasks and refocus his energy on strategic business growth.

“I can just assign a task. I can walk away and go to a showing or  a lease or worry about something else. And then I'll come back either that day or first thing in the morning when I get to my desk. The answer is there, or they'll say “You need to do this and this,” or “transfer this” or whatever. So it's freed up my time to focus on building the business, instead of running a business…you've got to be able to build the business to survive and that's kind of what I'm focusing on. Now, I've been able to hire more employees. I've been able to concentrate on social media aspects, the stuff that I was not doing before.” - Darren Holbrook

Liberating Time: Elevating Customer Service Through Holistic Business Management

Time is a precious commodity in the world of property management, and finding ways to optimize it can make all the difference between running a business and growing it. Darren Holbrook's journey with APM Help not only addressed the immediate challenges he faced but also unlocked a significant amount of time that he could redirect towards his holistic customer service style approach to property management.

With a portfolio of around 60 doors to manage, Darren had found himself wearing numerous hats in his role as a property management professional. He juggled tasks ranging from leasing and showings to bookkeeping and accounting. While AppFolio initially provided some support, its limitations often necessitated manual interventions and time-consuming workarounds. The result was a fragmented workflow that hindered Darren's ability to provide the highest level of service to his clients.

“When I first started (with) AppFolio, they have a dedicated team that you can use for, I don't know, six months, three months or so so it's nice. But that dedicated team goes away…” -Darren Holbrook

However, the introduction of APM Help into One Team Realty’s operations changed the game entirely. The partnership freed up his time from the clutches of administrative tasks, allowing him to immerse himself fully in his passion—delivering exceptional customer service to both property owners and tenants. This newfound time was a catalyst for Darren's unique approach to property management—a holistic business management style that placed a premium on personalized service.

By entrusting APM Help with crucial tasks like bookkeeping, accounting, and other administrative functions, Darren could shift his focus to building meaningful relationships with his clients. With the burden of routine operational tasks lifted, he was able to be more present, responsive, and engaged in addressing his clients' needs and concerns.

This emphasis on customer service became the cornerstone of Darren's property management philosophy. He positioned himself as the go-to person for both property owners and tenants, bridging the gap and fostering a strong sense of trust. The quick response time, personalized attention, and expert guidance he provided solidified his reputation as a property manager who truly cared about his clients' well-being.

As a result of this customer-centric approach, One Team Realty started to flourish. Darren’s proactive communication style, timely issue resolution, and thorough understanding of each property's unique requirements resonated with his clients. Owners felt assured that their investments were in capable hands, while tenants appreciated the attentive, swift assistance they received whenever they had concerns.

Cultivating Growth: The Ripple Effect of Exceptional Service

The symbiotic relationship between time liberation and customer service excellence began to yield tangible results. By directing his energy towards delivering unparalleled service, Darren not only retained his existing clients but also attracted new ones through referrals and positive word-of-mouth. His reputation as a property manager who prioritized customer needs became a valuable asset.

With the support of APM Help, Darren was able to continue expanding his business to over 100 doors under management, while staying true to his commitment to personalized service. As he added more doors to his portfolio, he did so with careful consideration, ensuring that his exceptional service remained unwavering. His focus on customer service enabled him to strike a delicate balance between growth and maintaining the high standards he set for himself.

Strategic Partnership: APM Help as the Catalyst for Holistic Business Transformation

Initially, Darren Holbrook's journey with APM Help began with a critical challenge in payment processing. However, what unfolded over time was a comprehensive transformation of his property management company, One Team Realty. APM Help didn't merely solve one problem; they revolutionized the way One Team Realty operated, optimizing its efficiency and customer service capabilities.

At the outset, APM Help swiftly resolved the payment processing issue, providing immediate relief. Yet, this was just the beginning of a profound partnership. APM Help's team extended their expertise to manage One Team Realty's trust account bookkeeping and corporate financials. By taking the accounting portion of the business off Darren's plate, APM Help liberated his time and allowed him to focus on what truly mattered: exceptional customer service.

But the transformation didn't stop there. APM Help introduced Darren to advanced workflow software, including Asana. This software became the linchpin in the optimization of One Team Realty's daily operations. By streamlining task management, collaboration, and real-time visibility, Asana became an invaluable tool that gave Darren and his team even more time back in their day.

Imagine a property management team with the burden of daily accounting tasks lifted from their shoulders, where every financial detail is handled seamlessly by experts. Add to that the power of Asana, which ensures efficient task allocation and timely completion. The result is a team that has been supercharged to deliver exceptional customer service.

Darren's reflection on this transformative journey radiates fulfillment and gratitude. The monthly investment in APM Help isn't just a transaction; it's a symbol of the immense value received in return. It's a testament to the partnership that has elevated One Team Realty to new heights—a company that now thrives on efficiency and customer service excellence.

In essence, APM Help's commitment transcended singular problem-solving; it embraced holistic transformation. By expertly managing accounting functions and introducing innovative workflow software, they enabled Darren and One Team Realty to excel in their property management endeavors. Now, Darren's team not only manages properties but also manages time effectively, ensuring they can deliver unparalleled service to their clients.

Today, as Darren reflects on his journey, he does so with a sense of fulfillment and gratitude. The monthly check he writes to APM Help is not just a transaction—it's a symbol of the value he receives in return. It's a testament to the partnership that has propelled his business to new heights.

“I know I can reach out to…my account manager, (she) is the best in the world. If I have an issue, I can go to her… I know she's monitoring it in the background, but like I said, when I first started, that's one check, I don't mind writing each month…” - Darren Holbrook

Conclusion: A Vision Realized Through Collaboration, Innovation, and Dedication

Darren Holbrook's journey with APM Help began with a specific problem - a billing challenge that his property management software couldn't address effectively. Little did he know that this initial interaction would mark the inception of a transformative partnership that would revolutionize One Team Realty's operations.

In the early stages, APM Help's expertise swiftly resolved the billing issue, providing much-needed relief. Yet, this was just the tip of the iceberg. What followed was an evolution from problem-solving to holistic transformation. APM Help seamlessly took over critical aspects of One Team Realty's financial management, managing both trust accounts and corporate finances. By expertly handling the accounting side of the business, APM Help liberated precious time, enabling Darren to focus on delivering an exceptional customer service experience.

But the transformation didn't stop there. APM Help introduced Darren and his team to advanced workflow software, including Asana. This addition proved to be a game-changer. Asana became the catalyst for streamlining daily operations, enhancing collaboration, and delivering real-time visibility. Tasks were assigned, tracked, and monitored with ease, eliminating the need for time-consuming email exchanges and enhancing efficiency.

The impact of this holistic approach was profound. Imagine a property management team not only equipped with expert financial support but also empowered with tools that optimize their daily workflow. Darren's team became an efficient, well-oiled machine, with the newfound time and resources to focus on their true passion - delivering exceptional customer service.

What makes Darren's journey truly remarkable is how APM Help evolved from a mere service provider to an indispensable partner. Their commitment extended beyond individual tasks and technology solutions; it encompassed the shaping of One Team Realty's identity and reputation. With the integration of Asana, the partnership reached new heights as APM Help became an integral part of the company's daily operations, fueling its growth and efficiency.

Darren's story highlights the incredible potential unlocked through strategic collaboration, guided by a partner committed to excellence. What started as a response to a billing challenge transformed into a journey of efficiency optimization and customer service elevation. The monthly investment Darren makes isn't just for services rendered; it's an investment in the realization of his company's vision and its continued success.

Today, APM Help stands at the forefront of this transformative journey, dedicated to empowering its clients to become the absolute best property managers in their markets. Their commitment begins with ensuring clean books, providing strategic support, and fostering a culture of learning and growth. Darren's story exemplifies how, with the right partner, even the most significant challenges can lead to profound transformation and success.

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