Client Spotlight: Robert with Master Key

We are back with one of our favorite series - Client Spotlight! This week we interviewed our client, Robert with Master Key Property Management, LLC, to learn how APM Help has evolved his management company. Keep reading to find out!

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APM: How did you get into the Property Management industry? How many years have you been apart of it?

Robert: I grew up in it, my family had some apartments and rentals. 3-4 years ago I decided to start my own firm where I’m at, and I’ve kinda taken off with it.

APM: How long have you been with APM Help?

Robert: Just a few months - 3 months maybe.

APM: What has been the most impactful thing APM Help has done for you?

Robert: Get my books clean, I was behind on reconciliations. It took a load of stress off to have APM Help clean things up and keep the process open and explain everything. It has really helped my level of stress go down seeing my books are green on Triple Tied Out and in AppFolio.

APM: Have you learned something new since being with us?

Robert: No, I rely on APM Help to reconcile. I am a good property manager but I’m not the best on the accounting side of it. It’s nice to know that if I need you guys to maintain the accounting side of it that you are already ahead of it.

APM: How has your business evolved since you went live with us?

Robert: We are growing at a pretty good pace. I am able to devote more time to the property management side and business development side. We’re bringing on about 2-3 units per month. One of my goals is to add 2-3 new properties every month.

APM: What is your favorite part about working with APM Help?

Robert: The responsiveness and communication. I just submit a request and I know someone is going to get back to me pretty quickly. I can get my issues resolved usually in the same day!

APM: If you could describe your experience with us in one word, what would it be?

Robert: "Awesome."

APM: What piece of advice would you offer to someone who is on the fence with hiring a third party company to manage their books?

Robert: Absolutely do it. Your job is to be a property manager not an accountant. Let the experts do the accounting side.

APM: Where do you hope to see your business in 5 years?

Robert: I hope to continue growing - 25-30 % growth every year would make me pretty happy! If I would have known you were out there as a resource I would have signed up sooner.

Learn more about APM Help and how it can help your business grow like Robert's! Reach out to us at or call us at (281) 949-8755.

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