Client Spotlight: Amy with Lake Gaston Rentals

Another story of success

Amy was launched into the Property Management world when she joined the team at Lake Gaston Rentals a couple of months ago, around the beginning of April 2019. Amy had Real Estate experience as a paralegal for an attorney but overall this was a whole new industry experience. AppFollio was new to her and brave soul that she was, she dove into the deep end to get started. Shortly after, the company reached out to APM Help to fill in and assist Amy as needed.

She describes their initial efforts as feeling their way through it, but the property manager taking over did know the lay of the land in respect to property management and now they are in their groove. The company is owner and broker operated. You can find them at

When Amy started with the company accounting was of super importance. Amy felt that prior to APM Help the previous property manager was doing her own thing for reconciliations and a three-way reconciliation was possibly an unknown concept.

Previous Experience with AppFolio.

Amy utilizes the chat in AppFolio for things that she feels are going to be something simple and at times she’s had a really good experience and at other times they’ve given her wrong information causing total confusion. She states, “I’m glad we have APM Help" She states that if she really needs something that she can reach out to Rayne. "She’s really good with explaining things in layman’s terms and not only that but really good with walking me through the steps so that you know how to do it instead of just getting it accomplished and having no clue as to how you got there. Whereas AppFolio is a more rushed experience where you really haven’t gained any knowledge as to how to do it.”

Rayne is a Rockstar!  

Rayne is one of the rockstars at APM Help. She was previously an AppFolio representative and has shown a proven track record of being able to clean up books. I asked Amy if she were to describe Rayne in one or two sentences, what she would say? “She’s really good at getting you where you need to get, she explains the steps and the reasoning. I don’t learn if I don’t understand why I’m doing something.” Amy couldn’t actually give me a one or two sentence response, she goes on to say, “... and she’s quick, she’s efficient.” Amy laughs as she tells me, “I always feel better when I get off the phone with her instead of frustrated” She makes things simpler instead of complicated.

Confidence in APM Help for the Future

How confident are you that your books are clean now that APM Help has assisted your company?

“Pretty confident. We know that everything is reconciled for April. Katelyn with APM has also reached out to let me know about some items”, Amy knew about these items but she hadn’t yet had a chance to get to them. Amy states, “A second set of eyes is always good”, she tells us this because she is still working on figuring things out with AppFolio. “It’s good to know that they’re (APM Help) checking behind us and it's all good now.”

Would you recommend APM Help to fellow property managers? “Yes!”

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