Client Spotlight: Kelly Vance

Kelly Vance is the Property Manager of ACT Property Management in Texas. When asked about what she sees as key elements and property management trends of the Property Management industry she answers that it is,” the communication between all parties (owners, managers, accounting, and tenants) with the addition of successful social media. Her interest in social media is a good thing for APM Help as we also find this to be an important component to add value to what we have to offer. ACT Property Management is an Owner Broker agency focusing on single-family residential. You can check them out on their website at features aren't a stranger to Kelly. She finds the lease templates to be easy to use and the tenant screening to be very easy to perform, but sometimes a little hard to understand. She states that the ACH (ePayments) work well for her as they haven’t previously utilized the 1099 year end process to the fullest of its ability. This might be something that she’ll want to tap APM for assistance at the end of the year as we have professionals that are experienced in this area. Now with APM Help in their corner, ACT Property Management has the option to avail themselves of a variety of services as are dictated by their individual needs. When asked how she would rate APM Help, Kelly rates the services of APM at a 5 on a 1-5 scale. We’re excited to hear that! And she would recommend APM Help to her fellow property managers. APM Help would like to be your partner in the ring to fight off the worries of accounting issues in AppFolio. We can also offer everyday maintenance services such as Daily Bank Reconciliations and a Daily Audit Tool known as TTO. Let us know how we can help you by responding to this post or call us today for a free consultation at  (281) 949-8755 or email us at

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