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Women Leading the Charge: Property Management's Unsung Sheroes

March 13, 2024

For decades, women have been the backbone of the property management industry. From managing tenant relations to overseeing maintenance, their skills and dedication ensure the smooth operation of countless residential and commercial properties. This March, for Women’s History Month, let's celebrate these unsung “She-roes” and explore initiatives that are empowering them to become industry leaders.

A History of Excellence

Contrary to popular perception, property management isn't solely a male-dominated field. Women have always played a crucial role, bringing their unique strengths to the table. Their meticulous attention to detail, exceptional communication skills, and talent for building relationships make them invaluable assets.

The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) recognizes this. Their Women's Council of Property Managers is a prime example. Established to cultivate strong leadership skills in women, the Council offers programs designed to help them excel as business professionals, public speakers, and community leaders.

The Power of Diversity

But why is it so important to have women in property management? The answer lies in the power of diversity. Women bring a unique perspective to the table, fostering:

  • Diverse Perspectives: Their experiences and viewpoints lead to more creative problem-solving, innovation, and decision-making within companies.
  • Stronger Tenant Relationships: Women often possess strong interpersonal skills and empathy, allowing them to better understand and address tenant needs, leading to higher satisfaction and retention.
  • A More Inclusive Industry: Their presence promotes inclusivity and diversity within the workforce, creating a welcoming environment for employees from all backgrounds.
  • Enhanced Leadership: Women in leadership roles bring unique styles that emphasize collaboration, communication, and teamwork, fostering a more productive and supportive work culture.
  • Reflection of the Tenant Base: Since women make up a significant portion of tenants, having them in property management roles ensures the industry understands and caters to their diverse needs.

Role Models and Beyond

Women in property management also serve as:

  • Role Models and Mentors: They inspire future generations of women entering the field, contributing to greater gender diversity.
  • Drivers of Business Growth: Studies show diverse teams lead to better business outcomes, including increased profitability and innovation.

Overall, having women in property management is essential for creating a more inclusive, innovative, and successful industry that better serves the needs of tenants, employees, and stakeholders alike.

APM Help: Powered by Women

Here at APM Help, we understand the importance of empowering women in the property management industry. We're proud to have a team  powered by women, with seven dynamic women leading key departments. These incredible leaders, including Caitlin (Head of Daily Bank Recs), Kate (Head of AppFolio Bookkeeping), Rachel (Head of Customer Success), Rayne (Head of Consulting), Ronair (Head of Maintenance Coordination), Stacy (Head of Corporate Bookkeeping), and Rena (Head of Propertyware Bookkeeping), are instrumental in our success. Their expertise, dedication, and leadership pave the way for a brighter future in property management.

Looking Ahead: Building a Brighter Future

Initiatives like the NARPM Women's Council and companies like APM Help that champion female leadership are paving the way for a brighter future in property management. By fostering leadership skills and providing valuable resources, we are empowering women to  reach their full potential.

This Woman’s History Month, let's not only celebrate the achievements of women in property management but also advocate for continued progress. By shattering glass ceilings and creating a more inclusive environment, we can ensure the industry thrives with the talent and leadership of all genders.

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