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Should you trust APM Help with your data?

August 10, 2021

There are many options for outsourced bookkeeping for property managers, and it can be difficult to choose who to trust with such sensitive data. Is APM Help the right fit for your property management company's bookkeeping?

We're in an age where just about everything is digitized. You can do a number of tasks on any device, such as check your bank or read a book, which is as fantastic as it is unsettling. As a result, companies like APM Help are now able to operate from anywhere and everywhere. This leads to a commonly asked question: "How can we trust you with our data?". Today, we are here to ease your worries about APM Help and the information you give us access to.

How we protect your data

APM Help understands that your data is important, and that keeping it secure and private is your number one priority. In order to maintain data security, we have the following technologies in place:

  • We require all employees to login to each database via an APM Help created app that randomizes the password with each login and utilizes two-factor authentication
  • While our employees are logged into a database, the app (mentioned above) tracks each click that the user makes so that we can review any changes that were made if needed

In addition to these security measures, we are building new technology that will allow certain users to control what other users in APM Help can do within a database. It will allow us to block options like:

  • Editing owner/vendor bank accounts
  • Deleting work orders
  • Editing social security information
  • Editing/deleting bank accounts

Most importantly, we have one goal in mind: to make our future and existing clients feel confident in APM Help. Similarly, we have liability policies in place to cover any issues that may arise.

Liability Policies

In the off-chance that something does go wrong, we have coverage for that as well. The following are resources we have in place to cover your company if something doesn't go as planned:

  • A $2 million dollar Professional Liability policy (handy to have, but we haven't used it to date)
  • If you use Triple Tied Out and fully pass all 3 categories, but you fail an audit when we show that you are clean, then we fully cover all penalties and fees

APM Help is dedicated to helping you and your company get clean and stay clean. Contact APM Help today!

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