Propertyware: Paying the management company uncleared money out

December 9, 2021
  1. Go to Money In > Other Customers (on the lefthand side)
  2. Change the Period to Custom Date Range
  3. Enter in Date of payment
  1. Click View
  2. Ensure Deposit Info = Undeposited
  1. Go to Banking  > Bank Deposits > New Bank Deposit
  2. Change the Date Period to All Years (or the specific year of the payment)
  3. Select entry
  4. Date Open = date of payment
  5. Bank Account = Management Account
  1. Close deposit = date of payment
  1. In the reconciliation, both Money Out and Money In for the same payment can be reconciled:

Clear Management Funds

  1. Go to Banking > Related Activities > Clear Management Funds
  2. Select Journal Entry or Check
  3. Click Transfer Funds