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Our mission and commitment to our clients

August 16, 2021

We have been asked by you, our customers, about recent changes in our mission and related work to achieve our mission. In this regard, we gladly embrace transparency. Originally, our mission was to help clean and keep clean property management companies (PMC). Our mission has since evolved to not only continue this work, but also to become a tech-enabled services provider to the property-management industry.

Due to our reputation as software and accounting experts, we have consulted on many acquisitions representing both buyers and sellers. Unfortunately, we have seen all too many times whether it’s a lack of resources, negligence, ignorance, or unfortunately, bad actors - there’s a shortage in trust monies. This is exacerbated in Small Town, USA.  So, when an opportunity arose in The Dalles, Oregon (quintessential Small Town, USA), we threw our hat in the ring and worked together with a capital partner to make an acquisition offer. It was ultimately accepted, and as of April 1, 2019, Syndi Co (APM Help’s parent entity) gained an indirect equity stake in a PMC, Leeland PM (

We have also been asked by you, our customers, about whether our evolving mission—as exemplified by the acquisition in Oregon—puts at risk any of your confidential and sensitive information that you shared with us. That answer is an unequivocal “no.” Your information is safe. Within our Master Services Agreement we have with each of you, our customers, is a non-disclosure and confidentiality provision (which can be found here: This means three things.

  1. We cannot and will not share your information with Leeland PM or any other third-party.
  2. We limit your confidential information to a select few team members on a need-to-know basis, and we audit and record every single action, click, and page load our team members perform on our customer databases containing your information.
  3. We do not (and will never) utilize any of your confidential information for any reason other than to perform our services for you. This means we will not (and will never) use any of your confidential information to acquire or manage properties, and our few team members with access to your confidential information are not only uninvolved in acquiring or managing properties, but they are under the strictest instructions not to share any of your confidential information with anyone who is involved in any such activities.

We want to be abundantly clear. We are in the business of trying to do what’s right - for the property management industry, PMCs, and regulators. We are constantly evolving based on you, our customers, and your demands and needs and we hope that is appreciated.

Our hope is that as we grow, we can work together in any capacity, to bring about transparency, accountability, and success to our industry.

We understand you may have follow-up questions. If you direct them to we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Taylor Hou - Chief Happiness Officer
Marie Stassinopoulus - Director of Bookkeeping (AppFolio)
Lauren Crosby - Director of Consulting (AppFolio)
Katelyn MacPherson - Director of Daily Bank Recs
Nicole McWirther - Director of Bookkeeping (Propertyware)
David Do - Director of Consulting (Propertyware)
Anthony Griffore - Director of Sales
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