Client Spotlight: MaryAnn Morelli

October 25, 2023
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MaryAnn Morelli, PMIC, Quartermaster Properties

MaryAnn is a leading professional for Property Management in the Property Management Community. She is the Property Manager in Charge of Quartermaster Properties, LLC, a veteran-owned, full service, real estate, and property management company providing hands-on, premier services to the Charleston, Greenville, Spartanburg, and surrounding areas of South Carolina.

Mary Ann is a staunch supporter of services provided by APM Help & Bookkeeping and would “absolutely recommend them”. She tells us that she has been using APM Help for almost 2 years. She states, “I initially engaged them to review and clean up a number of AppFolio accounting challenges. My owner and tenant accounts were perfect to the penny…”

The Challenge

Maryann continues to present us with her accounting issues, challenges and pain points such as, “…I was having trouble with some of the AppFolio transaction specific steps needed in order to reconcile our bank accounts. AND I had been trying for months to get our accounts ready to switch our bank accounts to a local bank. Those months were spent trying to resolve the issues, including engaging AppFolio support and two other bookkeepers I found through the user community with no success. It was a painful experience, i.e. two hours on the phone, the bookkeepers trying to resolve one issue.

As MaryAnn tells us, this is “obviously not cost-effective.” She was concerned because the end of the year was coming quickly and she was extremely stressed and felt helpless.

MaryAnn just wanted her books in order so that she could do a bank switch; a task that can often be intimidating. See our Bank Switch blog article at She also wanted to work effectively with AppFolio support, but that can take time to reach out and then find a customer service representative that understands the needs of the client.

The Solution

As stated previously, MaryAnn found APM Help & Bookkeeping on the AppFolio User Group Facebook page. The group is for users of AppFolio to share tips and tricks. It is an unofficial group with no connection to AppFolio. MaryAnn goes on to tell us, “I worked specifically with Taylor Hou initially.

The 30-minute free consultation was spent sharing my screen and watching him clean up a few of my issues. It was amazing!

Not only did he complete the fixes superfast he also educated me on my mistakes and the steps to post the transactions going forward. Once all issues were resolved and my bank accounts reconciled, he scheduled the bank account move with Appfolio help desk. If you’ve ever had to switch bank accounts you know that there can be no transactions in process, all accounts must be reconciled at the appointed minute of the bank switch on the appointed switch-over day, Taylor set up a conference call with AppFolio help desk so I could listen in.

Within 10 minutes I was up and running with the new bank accounts and everything was pristine perfect. It was a thing of beauty.”

Fast Forward to Today

MaryAnn concludes her glowing recommendation by stating, “Today APM Help reconciles our bank accounts daily. We use their Triple Tied Out service and proudly display the badge and metrics on our website—take a look at

I sleep extremely well every night knowing that our accounts are perfect. So yes, I definitely recommend APM Help. They are a very professional organization. I have never had an issue they could not resolve quickly. I cannot say enough good things.

MaryAnn would like folks to contact her if they have any questions and states she would be happy to help! Another option would be to contact APM Help today for YOUR free 30-minute consultation. Are your books messy? Let APM clean them up!

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On-Demand Consulting

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On-Demand Consulting

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