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How to Supercharge Your Growth with APM Help

December 8, 2023

As a property manager, you know the struggle. You're constantly juggling a million tasks, from managing properties and tenants to handling finances and marketing your business. Unfortunately, administrative tasks like bookkeeping often take a backseat, stealing valuable time away from the things that truly drive growth.

But what if you could reclaim those lost hours? What if you had more time to focus on the strategic initiatives that will propel your business to new heights?

That's where APM Help comes in. We're a back-office accounting partner dedicated to helping property managers like you reclaim their time and focus on growth. By taking care of your bookkeeping needs, we free you to pursue the opportunities that will truly make a difference.

Now, let's delve into the most effective way to utilize this newfound time and supercharge your property management business: building a rock-solid sales system.

Realtor Referrals: Unlocking the Hidden Growth Engine

Property managers know that realtor referrals are a goldmine for growth. Yet, even the best often struggle to unlock its full potential. Turning a referral program into a continuous lead generation machine requires more than just a well-written policy. It demands a strategic approach and time.

That's where APM Help steps in. We free you from the time-consuming burden of accounting, empowering you to invest that time in building rock-solid realtor relationships. Here's how we help you unlock the hidden potential of your referral program:

1. Targeting the Right Partners:

  • Leverage MLS data: Identify the top agents and brokers in your target neighborhoods.
  • Build your network: Gather contact information and add them to your CRM.
  • Prioritize based on activity: Focus on agents with the highest listing and buying volume.

Finding the right referral partners takes time and effort. Start your process here to make sure you aren’t wasting all the time that APM Help has helped you reclaim. Using the historical data in your local MLS will help you find the agents that are most likely to have referrals for you. Popular agents have tons of contacts and are selling too much to focus on renting, connecting with them is crucial to your success.

2. Crafting the Perfect Outreach:

  • Short and to the point: Respect agents' time with concise introductions.
  • Focus on their business: You want to learn more about them.
  • Schedule discovery calls: Set aside dedicated time for in-depth conversations.

Now that you have a list of people to call, what are you supposed to say? Well the key to these initial calls is in recognizing that they are, in-fact, cold calls. I could feel the cringe of everyone reading this as I wrote those oh so disgusting words, but don’t let that scare you. Let's talk about how to effectively cold call these agents. The first call is the only cold call, so make it short and sweet. Build a script entirely around respecting their time by finding the most convenient time they have to speak. Keep it under 2 min if possible, just a simple:

“Hi, I’m (Name) with (Company), and I know I’m probably interrupting your busy day. I would love to find out more about your business experience in (Neighborhood) when you have about 15 min to talk. When would be the best time to call back?”

3. Nurturing Long-Term Relationships:

  • Avoid premature pitching: Build trust and understand their needs before offering your program.
  • Focus on value: Demonstrate how your services benefit both clients and agents.
  • Stay connected: Maintain regular communication through calls, emails, and events.

The art of discovery is necessary for effective relational sales. The PM industry is certainly one of the most relational sales industries I’ve ever seen. We do business in this industry with people we know and like. So make sure you are focusing your time on building these relationships, not just pitching to everyone that gives you the time of day. My favorite analogy here is this:

Imagine you receive a call from the best orthopedic surgeon in your area, and they pitch you exactly how they can reconstruct your left elbow with a new painless, quick healing miracle surgery that he can schedule tomorrow for the low cost of $10k… Is that a good deal? Is he a reliable source? Who cares… if you don’t have an issue in your elbow what does any of it matter?

DON’T PITCH EARLY! Discover how you can benefit them then present that solution. 

4. The Power of Consistency:

  • Make 10 calls per day: This dedicated effort yields significant results over time.
  • Document every interaction: Maintain detailed notes in your CRM for future reference.
  • Build momentum: Over a year, you can connect with 2,400 potential referral partners.

The key to success lies in a strategic, time-focused approach. By partnering with APM Help and implementing these strategies, you can transform your referral program into a consistent source of high-quality leads and unlock the true potential of your PM business.

To reclaim your time today please call us at (281) 949-8755, or email You can also visit our website at We look forward to hearing from you!

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