How to Add An Administrative Fee into AppFolio

December 9, 2021

AppFolio user question:

Add Move In Fees - I'm wondering if there is a way to add an Administrative Fee to my move in work flow. For my properties there is a charge in the flow for Security Deposit, so I am wondering if I'm able to add an Administrative Fee that will automatically bill at move in.

AppFolio user answer:

You can add a charge at move in towards an Admin Fee Income GL account and set it up as an additional fee on the property. When the tenant pays the charge, it will show up in your Pay Management Fee function to go out to the management company. Additional Fees can be set on the property page under Management Fees > Edit > Add Additional Fee. If you don't have an Admin Fee income account then you can add one under Accounting > GL Accounts > New GL account. I would recommend exempting it from 1099 reporting as well to avoid any issues with EOY reports if a fee goes uncollected until 2022.