How can I fix general ledger in AppFolio?

AppFolio User Question: I just took over a new client that uses AppFolio and the bank balance in the section where they write checks is not what is showing in the general ledger. How does this happen and what can I do to fix it??

APM Help Answer: For this it could be that they used Bank Adjustments to record their checks and payment that is why they do not show on the general ledger report. I would advise that they send over the check information and they are entered on their respective properties as opposed to being a bank adjustment.

You can also check for Bank Adjustments by running the Bank Account Activity report for All Time > Run the Report > Double click the "Type" column to group all of the transaction types together. Scroll until you find the group of bank adjustments. These should net each other out to $0.00. If they do not, that's what is causing your discrepancy.

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