Client Spotlight: Brandon King with DK Property Management

We are back with another edition in our Client Spotlight series! This month we got the chance to talk to Brandon King, the CEO of DK Property Management operating out of Tennessee and Georgia.  DK Property Management has been a client of APM Help since our first year offering maintenance coordination services and was recently acquired by a larger company. Brandon was kind enough to sit down with us and discuss how APM Help’s services contributed to his company’s success.

APM: How long have you been with APM Help?

Brandon: Around three and a half years.

APM: How did you find out about APM Help? 

Brandon: I found APM Help in a Facebook group for Appfolio users while searching for a third-party maintenance management company.

APM: How did APM Help’s services give your company room to grow?

Brandon: Headache removal. The human element of having people as dedicated as your staff available 24/7, particularly in a place like where we live where not everybody is used to dealing with a computer to handle everything. Having that human connection was what allowed us to let go of the late phone calls while letting our tenants deal with real people.

APM: We understand you’ve recently been acquired by a larger company. How did APM Help contribute to your acquisition?

Brandon: As our company grew, APM Help allowed us to dig deeper into the details of our promise to our owners.  Without the headache of chasing down vendors, we were able to focus on what we were good at, like managing tenants, marketing, and things of that nature.  

APM: Would you recommend hiring a third-party company for maintenance coordination to other companies?

Brandon: Oh, yeah. Maintenance coordination is a complaint for every management company I know.

APM: Finally, give us a one sentence summation of your time with APM Help.

Brandon: Having APM Help is like hiring a whole group of people for the cost of less than one.

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