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How To Be Transparent With Your Owners – AppFolio Tips

Property management companies have a lot of responsibilities, among collecting rent, leasing properties, coordinating maintenance departments, and paying vendors. One of the biggest challenges is providing accurate Owner Statements month over month. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning how to remain transparent with your owners, and maintain reliable books in AppFolio. The Owner Statement…
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Reconcile Your Bank Accounts

It is an unfortunate, but true fact that there are companies that simply do not do monthly reconciliations. Property managers may not always recognize the importance of reconciling their bank trust accounts. APM Help is here to tell you, it’s a must. When you think about reconciling your bank accounts, you’ll want to aim for…
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Keep Bookkeeping Simple

How can you keep bookkeeping simple when you may not know how to do bookkeeping? Simply just take the time and do it. Avoid the rabbit holes. Part of the human condition is allowing conflict instead of keeping things simple so that we can stay focused enough to get things accomplished. While collaborating there is…
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