AppFolio and leasing CRM

December 9, 2021

AppFolio user question:

Is anyone having problems with leads going to the user who activated the listing? Appfolio used to feed into our leasing CRM just fine until about 2 weeks ago, now it completely ignores who is listed on the property as the leasing contact and sends all lead emails to whichever user created the campaign or vacancy posting. This is incredibly frustrating as leads have to be manually entered into our CRM now, and time is wasted with emails having to be forwarded to the correct agent. Emailing with Appfolio has been worse than useless as their only solution is to remove our vacancy postings for 48 hours and repost, which didn't work and not to mention causes us to lose valuable leads and money. Is anyone else having this issue? Seems like something broke on the back end?

APM Help answer:

This is an intended functionality. The leads will be directed to the user who posted the listing with the contact info entered under their user's Vacancy Posting Contact Settings. They can either update all users to have a shared leasing email address (something like or have the correct leasing agent post the listing.