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Fyxed is your PM Maintenance Coordination Solution

July 11, 2023

I met Keri Picciolo today of Palomar Property Services to find out more about what led her to finding a viable property management maintenance solution. You can read more about this company at PalomarPropertyServices. I was interested to learn that Palomar Property Services Property Management was founded in 2008 by its founder John Vogel. Keri Picciolo is Vice President and a realtor in the partnership with John Vogel, the Broker Associate.

In the early days of the company, there were a few growing pains. Those growing pains involved an audit, a bank switch, and other corporate change. This required transition, a transition that Keri tells me about trying to work with other people. Those attempts failed. Keri began working with APM for consulting services provided by our Chief of Happiness Officer, Taylor Hou. She told me that Taylor provided such "solid support”  that as a result, she felt confident with the APM Help products available. This is what led to a viable property management maintenance solution for Palomar Property Services.

In-House Maintenance Vs. Virtual

Keri states, “we’ve always had an in-house maintenance team and it was never really working very well. I analyzed our headcount and we had way too many employees and departments that were failing. We didn’t have the right people in there and we had the need to not have those people in there.”

She goes on to that that this was an opportunity to replace live bodies with a virtual model. She was thinking about outsourcing, to use someone that has already been trained, that knew property management maintenance and that was a vendor versus an employee to avoid complications. 

 Latchel was her first attempt at a solution and she really liked the theory of their platform.  But she found that the personal touch, the support,  and thorough understanding of how to run a maintenance department was just not there.  In theory, it was beautiful, but it never worked as well as it should have. is Your Property Management Maintenance Solution

After a few months of using Latchel, someone mentioned  Maintenance Coordination. This was of interest to Keri because Coordination was being run by someone that she had a lot more confidence to achieve the desired results that she was looking for. I asked here where it went from there and she told how there was a consultation with Ronair, department head for Maintenance and Larry of the sales department. She told me that this gave her the feeling that they were going to be able to get this done.

I was happy for Keri to hear that they now have a great service. Ronair will be pleased to find out that she is thought of as “outstanding”. However, there is more about Keri’s happiness with the services. They had Ronair flown out to meet the whole Palomar team and local vendors just a week before this interview. It turns out that they do an annual vendor appreciation lunch and this gave Ronair a chance to meet the vendors and Palomar Property Services got a chance to meet her.

Keri goes on to tell me how it is great because now they feel like they know Ronair a bit more, Ronair has met the vendors and can put a face to the names, “She’s really fun and really sweet. She fit in just perfectly.”

The Property Management Maintenance Coordination WOW! Factor

Alright, all of this great commentary is exciting, but I wanted a little bit more. Was there a WOW! Factor? Keri answers the Wow! Factor question with this, “More than anything, I’ve got this confidence. Every time I call her or text her, she has always got this. She has a true understanding of this business. In the past, I’ve had numerous complaints from owners but now the complaints from even the pickiest of owners has gone down tremendously.” Keri tells me that she is learning to stand away and just let Ronair do what she’s supposed to do. Ronair has her criteria and processes along with a buy-in on the project and what it is supposed to look like. When email Ronair for help, she tells me, “I’ve got it!”

We’ve Got This

Let Maintenance Coordination help you. Call for a free consultation today to see how we’ve got this for you at (281) 949-8755 or email us at You can visit us at

If you feel that you require other services such as consultation, daily bank recs or bookkeeping services, we can talk about that too. is in your corner for your property management needs.

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