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It’s That Time of Year Again: W9 Best Practices, Part I

This is a Bookkeeper’s guide to tips and tricks for W9 Best Practices so that YOU can be ready for 1099 filing in a timely manner at the end of the year. 1099 MISC filing is completed each year, at the end of January and the deadline is typically the 31st of January. It’s important…
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“Bill Pay” Check Mapping

Sometimes we don’t have time to make it through all the help files in AF. One of my favorite resources is the Bill Pay Check Mapping image. This is very helpful for those utility payments that are paid via Bill Pay to make sure that you have the account number recording in the memo line…
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CSA: Be kind to your bookkeeper

I know that I am speaking for all bookkeepers out there that are using AppFolio when I ask that if you are submitting receipts or payables or helping by posting receipts or payables…. to PLEASE remember that these posts have to match what is happening in real life in the bank account. Otherwise, we have…
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Allocating A Payable

Have you used the ALLOCATION feature in a Payable? I have one word for this, WOW! Funny how one little word, at the simple flick of a check mark, can make you so happy. Here’s an example of true bliss. You have a client with a $15.00 payment that wants the expense distributed amongst 14…
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Concerns regarding the Owner 1099 calculations?

To verify an Owner 1099 calculation: Make sure you run a Cash Flow Report. Set the date range for the tax year. Do you see the prepayments row on the report? If not, go to Accounting, GL Accounts and make sure that your prepayments GL account is set to be included on the cash flow…
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