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Brett Weldon is the Broker/Owner of The Springs Team Real Estate Company.

Let me introduce you to Brett of The Springs Team Real Estate Company. Springs Team began a business in 2012 at which time Brett quit his corporate job with Lexis Nexis and moved from Florida to Colorado to open his brokerage. They manage single family homes for individual owners and conduct sales on the real…
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Uncleared Items on the Reconciliation Screen

Let’s talk about “Uncleared’ transactions in a reconciliation. This does not have to be a lengthy discussion. It’s just important to know that any uncleared deposits show the availability of funds that are potentially not there and could cause overpayments; thus overdrawing the bank account. Uncleared checks are important to monitor as well, but this…
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All Testimonials and Reviews

Click To View All Testimonials All APM Help testimonials and reviews can be found at the link above.

“Repeat” Feature Shortcut Hint

Are you using the “Repeat” feature in AppFolio? This is a shortcut that can help you streamline postings. This shortcut can be found in a couple of places. One place where it can be found is on the New Bill screen. It can also be found on the Journal Entry Details screen, And on the…
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Spotlight on Propertyware and It’s New Expert Nicole

Find out how YOU can master Propertyware! Meet our new expert on the team for Propertyware, Nicole McWhirter. Nicole’s Experience APM Help now serves the Property Management Community by providing Daily Bank Reconciliations, Consulting and Full-Service Bookkeeping for Propertyware. But we first need to introduce you to the newest expert on the APM Help team,…
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Amy with Lake Gaston Rentals

Another story of success Amy was launched into the Property Management world when she joined the team at Lake Gaston Rentals a couple of months ago, around the beginning of April 2019. Amy had Real Estate experience as a paralegal for an attorney but overall this was a whole new industry experience. AppFollio was new…
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Submit A Support Request: Get Appfolio’s Attention

There is a question looming in the property management community. “I’ve got questions, how do I get Appfolio’s attention?” A solution that has worked for some, is to be thoughtful about your subject line. If this is truly a time sensitive matter, then try adding the word URGENT in the subject line. It’s also important…
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The Lovely Chrysztyna Rowek of Lighthouse Cove Property Management

Chrysztyna Rowek explains how APM Help aligns with the goals of her company, how they are part of her power partner group, and how or better yet why APM Help empowers successful business. Chrysztyna Rowek is the Owner/Designated Managing Broker of Lighthouse Cove Property Management. She’s been in the business as a Broker Owner since…
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