How to Track Credit Cards in Propertyware Copy

January 5, 2022

Setup the COA:

  1. Go to Setup > Customize > Charts of Account
  2. Click on New Account
  3. Account Type = Credit Card
  4. Fill out the remaining fields
  5. Click Save

Paying a Bill with Credit Cards:

  1. Go to Money Out > Select your Vendor.
  2. Click on the Vendor Ledger page and create a New Bill.
  3. Create a bill expense split for each Portfolio. 
  4. Click Add Payment and pay the bill using the Credit Card bank account.

Paying the Credit Card bill (Assuming Credit Card Vendor has been created in Money Out):

  1. Go to the Reports module
  2. View the Money Out – Bill Payments 
  3. Click Filters
  4. Add Custom Filter Payment Account contains [GL Credit Card #]
  5. Apply
  6. Export Report in MS Excel
  7. Open Bill import workbook
  8. Select Vendor [Credit Card Company]
  9. Copy Portfolio Name, Building, Unit Abbreviation, and Amount from export into Bill import workbook
  10. Enter Date
  11. Enter Ref # (if enter all same, this will create one bill. Otherwise system will create separate bills)
  12. Choose the GL Credit Card account for the Account column in the import workbook
  13. Save Workbook
  14. Go to Setup > Administration Setup > import Data
  1. Import saved Bill workbook
  2. Go to Money Out > Bill Pay

Pay Credit Card Vendor Bill using one bank account because in real life you are paying the credit from one bank account. If you are using multiple payments, then choose Default Bank Account.