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SBA EIDL and Paycheck Protection Program loans for property management companies

There has been an unanticipated shift in the way that we live, work, and interact. COVID-19 has led to a decrease in business activities which in turn has led to layoffs and panic among industries. Unfortunately, this has also resulted in requests for rent leniency and forgiveness. In a perfect world, you could give your…
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COVID-19: What NOT to do as a Property Manager

Today, you woke up and walked to your make-shift office, coffee in hand. Your inbox is probably full of panicked tenants and owners…what do you do? First, breathe, and next, develop a plan with your co-workers on how to respond to these emails. However, today’s blog isn’t a focus on what to do, but rather,…
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Week 1: Nifty AppFolio Reports

Introducing a new series of blogs! Each week, we will explore 2 reports in AppFolio and useful customization tips and tricks. If there is a report that you want to learn more about, just leave us a comment and we would be happy to cover it in future weeks! This week, we are covering the…
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You’ve Switched to Propertyware or AppFolio – Now What?

The switch from a software you’ve been using for years to a newer software can be exciting and challenging. It is important to familiarize yourself as soon as possible, which means training! Today, we dive into some of the available resources to help you and your team become comfortable with AppFolio or Propertyware. Those Post-Switch…
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Our mission and commitment to our clients.

We have been asked by you, our customers, about recent changes in our mission and related work to achieve our mission. In this regard, we gladly embrace transparency. Originally, our mission was to help clean and keep clean property management companies (PMC). Our mission has since evolved to not only continue this work, but also…
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