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Author: Theresa Conway

New Financial Diagnostic Sections for Additional Fees

AppFolio has recently released a new feature that provides visibility into your properties’ additional fee balances. Two new sections have been added to the Financial Diagnostic page. The first section is for Negative Balances and the second section is for Positive Balances. Let’s take a peek and see what that looks like. This is a…
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One of Our Dearest Clients

MaryAnn Morelli, PMIC, Quartermaster Properties MaryAnn is a leading professional for Property Management in the Property Management Community. She is the Property Manager in Charge of Quartermaster Properties, LLC, a veteran-owned, full service, real estate, and property management company providing hands-on, premier services to the Charleston, Greenville, Spartanburg, and surrounding areas of South Carolina. Mary…
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Pre-Bank Switch ● To initiate a bank switch from AppFolio, navigate to Accounting. On the left side navigation menu, select Bank Accounts, and from the right side Tasks menu click on New Bank Account. ● If you are accepting online payments, the account must be enabled for online payments. You’ll want to have the following…
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RUBS is a Beautiful Thing

RUBS stands for Ration Utility Billing. It requires a support request from AppFolio customer service and requires users to have the correct permissions enabled to allow access. This is the same thing with something like the Financial Diagnostic Report (FDR). Without the correct permissions, you don’t even know that it is there. I’ve looked into…
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New w/ Appfolio 3/13/19

This is a game changer!! AppFolio news on 3/13/19: Exclude Other Receipt From Pay Management Fees Calculation We’ve heard that it is common to pay the management company an additional fee (late fee, app fee, etc), then later waive the fee or refund that money to the tenant. This requires a refund of the property…
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NARPM Broker/Owner Conference & Expo

We’re counting the days until the NARPM Broker/Owner Conference & Expo February 25-27, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to sessions, workshops, and exhibits, we’re also looking forward to meeting YOU! Building relationships is a vital part of what we do. We are anxious for the opportunity to connect with the best and brightest…
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Leave No Link Un-Clicked!

There are features or tasks within the AppFolio database that some Appfolio Users are not yet familiar with. That is why it is important to leave no link un-clicked. Be adventurous and get to know the database. The Vendor ACH Setup is just one example of why it is a great idea to familiarize yourself…
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Cash Vs. Accrual

What is Cash Accounting versus Accrual Accounting? Accrual basis accounting is when revenue and expenses are recorded at the time they are “earned”, regardless of when the money was actually received or paid. Cash basis accounting is when revenue and expenses are recognized at the time they are received or paid. These accounting practices are…
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1099 Balance Forward Feature in AppFolio

OMG, my geeky meter soared sky high today. I always say that I have a “Forest through the trees” syndrome in AF. There are still some cool features that stare me right in the face but I’m oblivious to them. Today it was the 1099 Balance Forward feature. When new property management companies onboard with…
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Adjusted Cash Balance Issues

Adjusted cash balance issues happen when the property balance(s) do not agree with transactions posted to the cash bank account. The database runs a check that involves the following process: Property balances (only from properties linked to the current bank account) Less unreconciled deposits Less unreconciled receipts deposited after the reconciliation period Plus unreconciled checks…
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