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The Property Management Maintenance Professionals

The Property Management Maintenance Professionals

The Electrician Conspiracy Theory

In this “real-life situation” our tenant is unhappy due to a blown fuse box. She refuses to believe that its because of everything plugged into the same power bar. The tenant thinks its all a conspiracy from the electrician but a good property management professional can help her reason this all out. Hopefully, she was renting from a Property Management company that utilizes the services of Fyxed Maintenance. Fyxed are the property management maintenance professionals.

Property Maintenance Professionals

Fyxed.org has a maintenance solution for YOUR property management company. Let our full-service maintenance team be your first line of communication with stressed-out tenants. We can resolve maintenance challenges such as a tenant stressing out about a fuse box. We offer emergency after-hours maintenance.

Call today at (281) 949-8755 or email us at info@APMHelp.com to find out about cost-effective maintenance solutions. You can also visit us at Fyxed.org.

We welcome you to see what other professionals in the property management industry have to say about Fyxed. Check out the case study interview with Palomar Property Services.

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    Hi there! Thank you! Before I start writing, I always remove all distractions (phone, tablet, anything with social media and texts) and play one of the Focus playlists on Spotify. Working with classical music just gets my brain working! It also helps if you brainstorm what to write about beforehand, and doing so usually leads to less writers block 🙂

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