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Sometimes it’s all about Taylor

Sometimes it’s all about Taylor

Sometimes it’s all about Taylor because Taylor Hou has a huge following amongst the property management community, one of which includes Erika Lamb with Welcome Home Real Estate & Property Management.

Welcome Home manages higher end single family homes and you can find out more about them at www.welcomehm.com. There you can learn more about Erika Lamb and her expertise in the industry. You’ll also see that Erika has a wide variety of skills including accounting which makes her perspective of AppFolio and APM Help all the more interesting.

During my interview with Erika, she describes Welcome Home as being “a bit meticulous.” She tells me that they are a family owned and operated business where half of those involved have accounting degrees. She states that when Taylor took over their accounting he’d told them that the company books were already pretty clean and that there were just a few items that needed to be looked at. Erika describes it as just needing a second pair of eyes. This is something that we could all benefit from.

Welcome Home has a company focus that is always on their customers, their houses and their clients. Erika tells me about business operations taking the last consideration due to the focus on customer service and how unfortunately that leaves them trying to take care of compliance issues at the last minute. She acknowledges that this is not necessarily the smartest but sometimes it’s just the way it happens. Thus enters APM Help & Bookkeeping.

Last Minute Help with APM Help

Erika tells us that she had to reach out to Taylor at the last minute for a deadline. She states, “It was awesome that Taylor jumped in and helped me especially since it was a Friday night.” She had been ill for two weeks and hadn’t been able to follow up with APM Help to find out what the status was of monthly reporting. She states, “I definitely want to mention how the APM team has helped but Taylor has been awesome.” She continues by saying, “Taylor, I just have had the best experience with him. I would have to say all of my kudos are for Taylor.” She’s obviously a fan and continues to tell us that Taylor has an amazing skill set and that he’s taught her a lot about their bookkeeping system that no one even thought to ask about. Erika puts it very succinctly, “I’m learning a lot about the system that Taylor has brought forth and being that I’m the type of person that loves knowledge and education this was a very big deal for me.”

Taylor Can’t Always Be Available Late on a Friday Night

The APM Help staff and Taylor can’t always be available late on a Friday night but in this case, Taylor was and it worked out really well for Erika. Simply put, Taylor just happened to notice the call coming in from Erika and he just happened to have an opportunity to help a client in need.

Erika told Taylor how she had been sick and hadn’t been able to get the report out and was now at the very last minute; Taylor took over. What is late for one particular time zone, may not be quite as late for another time zone and this is one of the beauties of APM team being located in various remote locations. The East coast team had been helping Erika previously in the day, but as the hour grew later, those folks were no longer available to help. When Erika realized that it was now the end of the workday and that the deadline for reporting was imminent, she reached out to Taylor. “It was a Godsend for him to help me out,” she says, “I was still sick and trying to get the report out and when you’re sick you just can’t think. I was just sick as a dog. I could not have done it without Taylor’s help.”

We’ve all had those times when things just don’t go right. Business can get crazy, especially when you have a business that thrives as well as Welcome Home property management does. This busy property management lady does not have time to be ill; regardless, stuff happens! Fortunately, there are accounting professionals within the APM Help team that are there for the busy property management community.

It is key to the success of the APM Help team that within the team are various talents, strengths, and abilities. The team comes together to support the property management community for accounting purposes. Erika hits the nail on the head as to the amazing abilities that Taylor brings to the table.

The Biggest Help Was Learning More About the Features!

In summary, the biggest help was how Taylor took Erika through the features and the explanation of the visibility of the software and how the system worked. Erika tells us that she always thought that AppFolio accounting was horrible especially after they had previously used Rent Manager and Yardi before that. She thought that AppFolio was incredibly unfriendly. Then she learned from Taylor and another bookkeeper on the team that there was a lot more to the software and it really wasn’t all that bad. It’s just a lack of user knowledge. One of her favorite consultations with APM Help involved ideas about how to take care of old checks that had not cleared but had expired, and how to clean it up.

Erika states, “we used to have books that were so clean that we would get a call from the Real Estate Commission calling up to compliment about the clean reconciliations.” She wants to get her books back to that. She wants to get another call from the Real Estate Commission saying, “Hey! This is awesome, good job, keep it up.” With APM Help, we’re sure that she can do that.

APM Help Can Bulletproof Your Books

APM Help has a mission statement to help the property management community with their accounting and to provide bulletproof bookkeeping that will pass a state-required audit. Thus allowing property managers to not only be able to sleep at night, but also to be able to deal effectively with times when personal life gets in the way of business, but still be able to take care of the personal things so that you can be there for business when needed.

Take some time today to reach out to APM Help for a free 30-minute consultation to see how the team can be there for you when you need a little or a lot of extra help to be state compliant and to be able to SCALE your property management company. Call (281) 949-8755 or email us at info@apmhelp.com.


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