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Month: April 2019

Life Cycle of a Property Manager

The life cycle of a Property Manager can start slow or it may start with a whirlwind of activity where everything is on a horizontal list of priorities. Accounting is recognized as needed but as in any industry, administrative tasks can typically fall to the end of that list. You’ll notice by the above image…
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New Financial Diagnostic Sections for Additional Fees

AppFolio has recently released a new feature that provides visibility into your properties’ additional fee balances. Two new sections have been added to the Financial Diagnostic page. The first section is for Negative Balances and the second section is for Positive Balances. Let’s take a peek and see what that looks like. This is a…
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One of Our Dearest Clients

MaryAnn Morelli, PMIC, Quartermaster Properties MaryAnn is a leading professional for Property Management in the Property Management Community. She is the Property Manager in Charge of Quartermaster Properties, LLC, a veteran-owned, full service, real estate, and property management company providing hands-on, premier services to the Charleston, Greenville, Spartanburg, and surrounding areas of South Carolina. Mary…
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Pre-Bank Switch ● To initiate a bank switch from AppFolio, navigate to Accounting. On the left side navigation menu, select Bank Accounts, and from the right side Tasks menu click on New Bank Account. ● If you are accepting online payments, the account must be enabled for online payments. You’ll want to have the following…
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