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Leave No Link Un-Clicked!

Leave No Link Un-Clicked!

There are features or tasks within the AppFolio database that some Appfolio Users are not yet familiar with. That is why it is important to leave no link un-clicked. Be adventurous and get to know the database.

The Vendor ACH Setup is just one example of why it is a great idea to familiarize yourself with the navigation throughout various tabs and subsequent task menus in Appfolio. It’s also helpful to know that some tasks are always active and some are not static and only active when they are applicable. A good example of that would be on the Tenant page. If there are credits available for the tenant, the Apply Credits will be active. If there are no credits, the task will not be there.

This is just a quick tip but there is oh so much more to learn. If you’re struggling with navigation within AppFolio, give the experts at APM Help & Bookkeeping a call.

Here to serve you,

Theresa @APMHelp

2 Responses

  1. Looking to setup training for my staff and discuss some best practices to simplify our processes.

    • Theresa Conway says:

      That’s awesome Alexander. I’m sure APM can help you! I just checked and I see that Larry has been following up with you.

      I’d love to keep in touch with you along your journey to get training for your staff and best practices/processes developed. Please feel free to reach out to me with comments on your experience.

      Theresa Conway,
      Community Engagement Specialist

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