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Uncleared Items in Your AppFolio Database

Uncleared Items in Your AppFolio Database

We’re getting towards the end of the year folks. Here’s a reminder… have you checked your uncleared items lately?
Uncleared deposits might mean you have overstated your income. An example might be with an actual deposit of a receipt AND than there is also a JE placeholder that represents that deposit or receipt created when trying to clean up books initially for the purpose of reconciling, thus causing duplication. This could happen when receipts are grouped for a deposit ineffectively.

Uncleared checks might mean the vendor didn’t get his payment and you might want to reach out to the vendor or void the check and possibly stop payment.

Another thing you’ll want to do is check for unpaid bills. You can use the Reports menu for that and navigate to the Bill Detail Report or just type “Bill Detail” into the Search Bar. Filter the report to display an “unpaid” Bill Status.

This is a summary of the topic, but you just might want to make it easy on yourself and contact APM Help and Bookkeeping for a free consultation. It’s the Holiday Season and time to treat yourself.

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