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CSA: Be kind to your bookkeeper

CSA: Be kind to your bookkeeper

I know that I am speaking for all bookkeepers out there that are using AppFolio when I ask that if you are submitting receipts or payables or helping by posting receipts or payables…. to PLEASE remember that these posts have to match what is happening in real life in the bank account. Otherwise, we have two choices, that are

1st to chase you down and find out the explanation or;

2nd to post a placeholder so that we can go ahead and reconcile and then chase you down and find out the explanation.

If your bookkeeper has access to online accounts, just put a little description and property identifier on the memo line or an explanation of the tenant/property on the deposit slip. Many banks produce a clear image of these things and this can answer many questions so that your bookkeeper can get through the workflow and be productive.

This community service announcement (CSA) was brought to you by Theresa Conway, your friendly PM Evangelist @APM Help

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